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Sara Jean Underwood takes her booty to some place tropical

01.31.2017by: No Cool Handle

Whether or not Sara Jean Underwood is posing in front of colossal pine trees out in the Midwestern wilderness or against color laden skylines washing over some exotic island, it all amounts to nothing if she's not doing so while showing an abundance of underboob and ass crack. It's true, the majestic beauty of nature and the infinite color palette of a horizon during magic hour has its appeal, but the site of Sara's flesh laid bare is what really draws the eye. This is also true for most any hotttie who looks better out of clothes. After all, you can't fornicate with a sunset; can you? This Internet sensation puts it more work than your average pinup girl (these days, social media models and pinup girls are pretty much the same thing), utilizing every opportunity to flash that famous backside in front of the lens. That's why we love her; that's why we keep coming back for more.

Source: Instagram


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