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Sara Jean Underwood showing her patriotic spirit the only way she knows how

07.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

Those claiming to be true patriots often wrap themselves in the American flag, both figuratively and literally. For Sara Jean Underwood, however, covering herself in the Stars & Stripes wouldn't exactly be her style; the social media tycoon hardly covers up with anything let alone a giant flag. The only way that would happen was if someone ripped the miniature symbol of hope and freedom off of one of those little handheld flags and used them as pasties. I can't think of a greater way to show the upmost respect for Betsy Ross's masterful design than to wedge it up the ass crack of a hottie like Sara. That makes her patriotic bikini bottoms – and the ass it's covering – something any red-blooded American would be happy to run up their flagpole. You just knew the curvaceous blonde was going to make a spectacle out of her Fourth of July weekend on social media. It's what she does and we love her for it.

Source: InstaGram


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