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Sara Jean Underwood loves being au naturel in nature

06.20.2016by: Droz

For the last month or so, Sara Jean Underwood has been gradually posting pics of her trips to Glacier National Park and various other natural locations in the US on her Instagram page. Of course, being Sara, she couldn't just do the normal hiking and swimming and whatnot like the rest of us. Nah, that just wouldn't be Sara. She had to do her trail hiking in a set of super tight leggings, or simply topless. Likewise with her 4-wheeling and swimming and every other thing you might do while out in nature. I've actually been to a couple of the sites Sara visited here recently myself. Unfortunately we visited on separate days, which really sucks. I'm a big fan of nature too, but there ain't no waterfall or rock formation I can think of that beats SJU running around naked.

Source: Instagram


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