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Sara Jean Underwood isn't out of the woods yet

06.24.2016by: No Cool Handle

What that picture of Sara Jean Underwood – pretending she's a sports fisherman hobbyist – doesn't show is what she has on the end of her hook. The answer is myself and millions of Internet onlookers who can't, no, won't turn a blind eye to Sarah's every-other-day, social media photo dump. A good "fisherman" knows exactly what kind of bait is needed to reel in the big numbers. Never-ending angles of this crazy hot blonde's bulging backside and her topless rendition of 'The Hills Are Alive' are the perfect click bait; it's like fishing with dynamite. Just when you thought the long, booty-filled hike was over, she releases part two, then part three and now the follow up of follow ups – a capstone collection of her airborne ass, playing with rods and juxtaposing mountain tops with her own twin peaks. These never-ending pics of her National Park adventures shows that even when she's taking time to enjoy nature, this girl is hard at work, vying for as much internet attention (and ad dollars) she can gather unto herself. And she reels 'em in every time; A true angler.

Source: InstaGram


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