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Sara Jean Underwood isn't out of the woods yet

05.03.2017by: Droz

It's time again for our monthly update on the goodies Sara Jean Underwood brings us via her Instagram page. And as usual, everyone's favorite bubbly bubble butt owner is still making America's natural wonders back drop to the not-so-natural wonders happening on her person. I have to say, I do envy Sara all the time she gets to spend out in the woods and on beaches. Wouldn't it be nice to be out in the woods and by the ocean, soaking up all that natural goodness while we still have it somewhat intact? Of course, if I did that, it wouldn't include any round asses in thongs or fake boobs under hand bras. And thus probably wouldn't be nearly as fulfilling as Sara and company's experiences.

Speaking of hand bras, there are an excess of those in these pics thanks to Instagram's anti-bared boobies policy. Nice to see from other sources that an occasional NSFW boob does pop out from time to time on these sexy backwoods treks. It just wouldn't be Sara if she kept it all covered all the time.

Source: Instagram


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