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Sara Jean Underwood is the sexy gift that keeps on giving

12.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

Sara Jean Underwood's journey into the wild has been a never ending treasure trove of sexy, and a template for any and every aspiring social media model. Proof you don't need to waste a ton of money on a variety of different shoots, nor expend a ton of creative energy coming up with different themes, just milk one for everything it's worth. All Sarah needs is a camera, her naked body, a few sexy outfits/swimsuits – the kind most hotties can pull directly from their dresser drawer – and the great outdoors. With nothing but her unyielding ambition and these simple bare necessities, the social media sensation has been successful in keeping her followers coming back, with an endless string of explicit content all born of a single concept – nature provides. And so does Sara Jean Underwood; she provides all the booty, side boob and mouthwatering imagery only the most ardent fans can keep up with. I do my best to not let any slip past me.

Source: Instagram


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