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Sara Jean Underwood is one sexy popsucker for JZL shoot

06.07.2016by: No Cool Handle

Ah, the power of suggestion, the art of implication; how easily you can associate Sara Jean Underwood with fellatio when applying such manipulative (albeit, effective) techniques. The irony is: you hardly need such blatant, and quite literal, imagery -- that popsicle is getting sucked off like it's their anniversary -- to steer one's mind towards the correlation between an Internet sex symbol and some good old fashioned lip service - the two are synonymous. Not that I don't appreciate visual confirmation of Ms. Underwood's extended skill set, but this is something I already assumed, or at least imagined, she has a knack for. As with any Sara Jean Underwood photo set, there's plenty of ass and underboob shots to enjoy. No surprise, considering JZL has vast experience bringing hot content featuring the social media sensation to fruition.

Case in Point:

Source: JZL


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