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Sara Jean Underwood invites you into her suite at the Hotel Ma Cherie

07.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

Anytime Sara Jean Underwood and Hotel Ma Cherie get together you can expect all kinds of sexy goings-on, and their latest collaboration is no exception. The curvaceous blonde forgoes your garden variety thong for a single piece of thin string to "cover" her ever-expanding ass; photographs of her squatting, bending, extending and seducing ensue. Warning: some may find the desire to occupy the room for a night of unforgettable bliss with the former Playboy playmate may be overwhelming. If such side effects occur, I defer you to the usual treatments that involve a few minutes of alone time with these pics. When is Sara going to lift the self-imposed nude embargo and get back to the full frontal roots of which she was founded on? The reunion between Ms. Underwood's natural form and her loyal fans is seriously overdue.

Source: Hotel Ma Cherie


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