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Sara Jean Underwood has taking a sexy photo down to a science

09.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

Sara Jean Underwood could package together instructional books with companion videos on how to pose for pictures that have a thunderbolt's impact on the libido. Or, seeing how her entire brand relies on Internet distribution, she could become an accredited online institution of higher learning; teaching aspiring hotties how to really be successful on the Internet. Then, you'll notice fewer young ladies enrolling in college and an uptick of tits and ass pics circulating the web. Ms. Underwood's $500 course will also cover effectively using social media to broaden your fan base. Another steady stream of revenue would come from the plastic surgeons advertising on her webpage. Chances are, if a young, ambitious babe wants to do what Sarah does, she may need some work done. It isn't everyone who's born with an ass like that – and that biteable backside is, after all, a key factor in her success. Case in point: this latest set of pics.

Source: Instagram


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