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Sara Jean Underwood has definitely earned her wildlife merit badge

08.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

Here's some proof that Sara Jean Underwood is a brilliant social media tactician. Digital photography allows the camera operator to take an abundance of stills, providing a means to get the most out of a single shoot; much more than what you actually need. Where a lesser mind might either release the best of the bunch or release them all at once, Ms. Underwood has been systematically issuing new stills from her wilderness excursion on a weekly basis, keeping that attention machine turning. This is in stark contrast to major publications who release less than a dozen stills from a single shoot, and no more – maybe some outtake surface every once in a while. Sara knows how to get the most out of her hard work, and how to keep her loyal enthusiasts coming back with hardly a brief hiatus in between fresh stills. Nobody cares if the setting and/or themes are the same, as long as more angles of the curvaceous blonde's amazing ass is in frame.

Source: InstaGram


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