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Sara Jean Underwood continues to make the best use of social media

02.09.2016by: Droz

I'd be a little wary about taking any supplement advice from Sara Jean Underwood. Despite her frequent intimate Instagram moments with bottles of mystery pills, I'm fairly certain she's not an authority on such matters. So it's probably better to focus on the "look at my tits" side of the equation in Sara's sponsored social media posts, which are almost certainly being paid for by said mystery pill manufacturers. Poor Sara. What's a girl to do? Now that Playboy has gone officially soft core and she's officially entered her dirty 30s, the urgency to resort to whatever means she can find to keep herself living in the style she's accustomed to is stronger than ever. Not that Sara is past it or anything. A scan of her Instagram page proves she's still full of surprises. Still, it's shitty how we live in a world increasingly hostile to hotties like Sara. Makes me wonder if were doomed to a future with nothing but a bunch of Lena Dunhams running around pontificating about feminism in see thru tank tops. What a horrible thought. Let's purge those nasty images with some images of Sara's latest gig as spokesperson for fantasy sports. Much better.

Source: Instagram


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