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Sara Jean Underwood comes out of the woods for a sexy workout

08.05.2016by: Droz

For awhile now we've been looking at pics of Sara Jean Underwood traipsing through the woods in little or no clothing. She's still posting those. Here's another one she put up the other day and probably my favorite of all her forest nymph adventures thus far:

SJU woods instagram pics

Those pics are great and I'm down for as many of those as she can muster. However, they don't pay the bills nearly as well as direct product endorsement. Thus SJU's recent gratuitous Youtube video for some sort of cream which claims to make working out less painful or something. Sounds like a modern day snake oil to me, but whatever. At the very least, it's given Sara a good opportunity to workout sexily. Which is right up her alley, considering sex plays a part in pretty much everything she does.

Source: Youtube


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