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Saoirse Ronan elegantly wraps up 2015

12.31.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know where these pictures of BROOKLYN star Saoirse Ronan and ROOM star Brie Larson were taken but I love them. The two actresses are heavy in contention for awards season, with both of them up for a 2016 Best Actress in a Drama Golden Globe so far. I do know that the rest of the pictures came from The Wrap magazine, which features an interview with the Irish beauty where she talks about how her acting features a lot of simple moves. "I put my elbows on the table a lot, and I slouch quite a bit when Iím eating, and I hold cutlery the wrong way," the Ronan says about her real self and that learning to have better etiquette on film can be the most daunting thing for her. What I find interesting is how she and Larson are both two of the best young actresses in Hollywood right now, as well as the least flashy. Are we trending toward a quality over depravity big screen world for 2016? One can only hope.

Source: The Wrap


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