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Sandra Kubicka and Playboy magazine have more to offer than tame photos

05.03.2017by: No Cool Handle

It's nice to know [that] even though Playboy has enacted a self-imposed nudity embargo, they wouldn't let the opportunity to show Sandra Kubicka's watered-down tits pass on by. If you checked out our initial coverage of Sandra's Playboy debut and wound up disheartened by the thought of what could have been, weep no more. Here are some awesome bare-assed add-ons in answer to your perverted prayers. These kind of traditional Playboy images are too risqué for an uncensored showcase on Movie Hotties (some of the photos, not all). After taking it in the teeth for so long, it's nice to see Playboy get to enjoy a win – albeit, an easy win. When you have an overtly sexual being like Sandra Kubicka to help pull you out of a rut, let's face it, she's the one truly responsible for achieving victory.


Source: Playboy


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