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Sandra Kubicka teases some under & sideboob for Playboy

05.02.2017by: Cherry Liquor
There might be a lot of Polack jokes out there denigrating the lack of intelligence people from Poland might or might not have but when it comes to making fine women, the country is in no short supply. Sandra Kubicka is but another example of the cute naughty hottie look that comes from Poland, as she frequently gets into these fun, cheeky photoshoots for a number of different magazines/fashion spreads. This time it's a lot of teased not-really-nudity for the newer, less nipple-filled Playboy. The men's magazine has been taking a hit for the change in policy that has gone down over the past year, although it has been interesting to see that they've pulled in a number of more high-profile celebrity names since doing so, including shoots with Anna Kendrick and Bella Thorne. I still miss the highly airbrushed, glossy version that used to exist, especially the nearly cartoonish nature the rag devolved into during the '90's, when Jenny McCarthy was known more for her phony but enticing tits instead of the unintelligent garbage that comes out of her mouth now. But Sandra and her full attitude kind of make it better. I mean, we see more in a generic Instagram model's posts, but still.
Source: Saw First


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