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Sandra Kubicka flaunts her superior genes in front of Eliza Stegienka's lens

12.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

After gaining some traction on social media and seeing a few sexy shoots show up on popular photo gawking websites, I would've predicted growing enthusiasm for Polish powerhouse Sandra Kubicka. Alas, with but a few weeks left to go, I don't foresee the year of 2016 being remembered as a breakout year for Sandra. Not that 2016 hasn't bore some pretty sweet fruit; we've seen more than a few sexy photos surface throughout the year and now we have these images, courtesy of Eliza Stegienka – another talented woman of Polish descent – to add to the mix. Besides having a good eye for shooting Sandra's ass in the flattering way it deserves, she's also pretty f**kin hot. For their next collaboration, Eliza should join Sandra Kubicka and possibly engage her in some light petting.

Source: NS4W


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