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Sandra Gets Hit

04.19.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Only in my dreams would something bad actually happen to Sandra Bullock. She's so cute, so lovable. You just want to pinch her cheeks and then give her a friendly pat on the tush. The woman keeps starring in disaster after disaster and yet is still considered to be a huge, bankable star. Way to go, Sandy!

Last night, however, Sandra and her husband (that tattooed guy who had a kid with one of porn's hottest stars, Janine Lindenmulder) Jesse James, were hit head on by a drunk driver in the state of Massachusetts. Lucille Gatchell, aged 64, blew a .20 after the accident, more than twice the legal limit in that state.

No one was hurt, dammit.... uh, I mean, THANK GOODNESS. Jesse and Sandra were seen hugging one another and consoling each other after the old bag banged up their rented SUV. Hell, I'm surprised Jesse wasn't more excited about it. Sandy must've really cut off his balls and stuck them in a jar like I keep hearing about. Heh. Check out the video below for the amazing talent that Sandy has. Hey, at least it's better than another Miss Congeniality movie.

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, did you know that bitch could speak German so well? Hail Sandy!
Source: DListed


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