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San Diego Comic Con favorite Katharine McPhee does not disappoint for 2015

07.10.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Back in 2011, when SHARK NIGHT 3D was the cheesy rage at the San Diego Comic Con, we first found out that Katharine McPhee was a pro at working the Con circuit, showing up to a number of events always willing to participate in what was going down. She's been a regular since and this year she showed up with her "Scorpion" castmates, in the second panel the group has done at the festival. Last year I remembered thinking that I would be willing to try the show out given that its veteran star was Robert Patrick and who doesn't love a little mature T2 to brighten their television watching. Most people were uncertain if the show would last more than a few episodes, let alone succeed as well as it has during its first season. Personally, I'm happy to see McPhee get a win. The lady is beyond gorgeous and a class act to boot. 
Source: Daily Mail


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