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Samantha Hoopes slam dunks another hot spread for Sports Illustrated

02.22.2017by: Cherry Liquor
We're not quite done with Sports Illustrated's 2017 Swimsuit Edition. Not when we haven't gotten to Doylestown, PA native Samantha Hoopes yet. You would think that with the blonde beach tresses and overall beach bunny tanned look that Sam would be from California but it's nice to see a chick out of PA get love in a bikini. Hoopes appeared in the 2014 issue of SISE and is making a rather sexy return this year, perhaps jockeying to be the next Kate Upton (who's getting married soon and will surely end up preggo within 2 years of the nuptials if the marriage survives the celebrity short-term curse) or Hannah Davis (who is now Hannah Jeter and knocked up because, well, predictability and all with models & athletes). I know I'd be on board if the magazine decided to hop over to the Hoopes side. She's tastier than any burger she's hawked for Carl's Jr., that's for sure.
Source: SI.Com


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