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Samantha Hoopes is one sexy dog whisperer

09.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

I can't tell whether it's the cute little creature on all fours or the puppy dog that make these images so appealing. When Samantha Hoopes wasn't busy spending her Labor Day weekend wrapped in an American flag, doing a patriotic prance up and down Malibu beach, she was seen canoodling with an adorable ball of fur. As cute as her playmate is, the little pooch can't distract from those attention grabbing poses the swimsuit model was photographed in. Particularly, what I like to call: The Jessica Alba Special. Shots of a hottie on hands and knees, lens pointed directly at their cloth covered "business." Some of my all time favorite shots are of Alba in this very position. Hence, The Jessica Alba Special. You can't help but be a little envious of her dog, who you know has carte blanche to snuggle up against any one of her awesome crevices.

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