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Samantha Hoopes is a most valuable bikini player in Jezebel

05.29.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I like Samantha Hoopes, one of the more recent additions to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition's lineup of hot babes who model bikinis and it seems as if I'm not the only one. For the June 2015 issue of Jezebel magazine they're touting Hoopes as being a MVP after only a minute of rookie status, giving her some good page time in their fashion rag. Another reason why I like Sammy has nothing to do with her cute lopsided smirk or impressive proportions... she's a native of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, that spot on the map where other talented ladies such as Alecia 'P!nk' Moore are from. I've been out that way myself and I can tell you that not all of the population is as fine but they're definitely more self-assured and interesting. Hoopes isn't afraid to be physical - back in 2014 she actively competed in a volleyball tournament that SI held and she's recently been tapped as the spokesmodel for Carl's Jr/Hardee's "The Most American Thickburger," the beast of a meal that has a split hot dog and kettle chips included in its preparation. Girl better be physical after eating something like that.

Source: COED


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