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Salma Vs. Snake

06.09.2010by: Randy the Ram

Salma Hayek, Maria Bello & Maya Rudolph were in the middle of an interview for I don't care what when they suddenly got a surprise from a slippery snake that went to take a peek. We can all question the veracity of the video of the hot women getting freaked out but it's still pretty funny, especially due to the high squeals of Salma Hayek and the hard mexican accent she carries. Maria Bello actually had to console her (Mmm… Maria Bello consoling Salma Hayek, now there's a sweet image). Bello later added, "It was like a python. It was thick." yes, that's what she said, as for Salma? "She split. She's on the next plane," Rudolph said. "She's in the hospital," Bello laughed.“

I hope they're really kidding, could Salma truly be that scared? When she became Satanico Pandemonium we saw her with a huge snake, so what happened? Somebody over the course of her career must've traumatized her with something just as huge. I am really amazed at how she totally flipped out it.

Extra Tidbit: If she's scared of big snakes I guess the chances have diminished for many of us, huh guys?
Source: ExtraTVYoutube


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