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Salma Hayek's legendary cleavage belongs in a museum

11.09.2015by: Cherry Liquor
At this point, after ogling them for the past 22 years (since I first noticed her in MI VIDA LOCA, back in '93, for some it was probably 1995's DESPERADO), what more can be said about Salma Hayek's legendary tetas grande? This woman is known for being a powerhouse of sexy wrapped up in a little 5'2" body. When we couldn't think of anything new to say about her boobies, she gets pregnant and we all go nuts for the mom bewbs. Then she tops herself with that visit in 2009 to Sierra Leone, whipping out a still lactating breast to help feed a hungry infant and putting outraged new syndicates in their place by stating her daughter would be proud to share her milk because she was raising a child to be generous and caring. At the 2015 LACMA Film + Art gala, Salma was once again generous as she showed off those famous assets of hers in a Peptol Bismol pink gown, knowing we were all going to care. And we do. About those breasts, we most certainly do care.
Source: Daily Mail


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