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Salma Hayek's latest photo shoot is red hot

06.01.2016by: Droz

One comment Salma Hayek makes in the interview accompaniment to her Red magazine spread below concerns sex and marriage. According to the busty phenom:

Sex is not the key to a happy marriage, but its a side effect. Although not every day! she said. If its every day, it loses its charm.

You don't say. Huh, interesting. I wonder what Salma's husband has to say on that topic. After all, he's the guy who currently gets to have Salma's seemingly ageless titties all to himself in what might be history's most selfish injustice. Had you Salma's extraordinarily bangable body at your finger tips, might not you make a play for it every chance you got? Yeah, me too. This is probably what she's getting at here. See, when you're Salma and there's a guy lying next to you in a bed, or sitting across from you at a table, or even in the same house as you, it's only natural for him to make frequent attempts at some Salma sexy time. Any guy would. Unfortunately, it's a tricky thing for a guy to get his sex drive in sync with his lady's. You'd probably need to jack up such complexity a 1000 times when the lady in question is Salma. Me, I would never stop hitting her up. Our relationship would be doomed from the start thanks to my constant pleas for just a few minutes of alone time with those boobs. This guy she's with now must have the patience of a saint to have kept her around so long. Hats off to him.

Source: Red


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