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Salma Hayek's cans were the highlight of Cannes this weekend

05.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor

May we all live to defy gravity as well as Salma Hayek at the age of 48. The sexy Mexican looked a bit miffed with her billionaire French husband as they made the rounds for the Cannes premiere of ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS (which is leaving me scratching my head because the only movie by that name that I can figure out was released originally in 1960, so *shrug*), her giving him the side-eye that can only translate to her letting him know that she's only tolerating him for the money. I have to guess that all that money has bought the guy a dick made of platinum because I cannot fathom why she would love him outside of the money. Well, it IS a lot of money and they do have a kid together and she is a Latina and I know how poorly Latinas tend to choose (and then stick with) their men.

Hayek just finished work on SEPTEMBERS OF SHIRAZ, a movie she's also executive produced, based on the novel by Dalia Sofer. The film is a thriller centered around the Iranian revolution and is currently in the middle of recording her voice for the 2016 animated film entitled - I kid you not - SAUSAGE PARTY. Somehow I'm more eager to listen to Salma as Teresa Taco (seriously, I kid you not) than watch another political drama, especially if it featured her reuniting with Edward Norton (as Sammy Bagel Jr... I COULDN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP IF I TRIED).

Source: Daily Mail


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