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Salma Hayek sucks at Halloween in the best possible way

11.03.2015by: Droz

We've pretty much sorted through the barrage of celebrity Halloween hijinks for 2015. That becomes a bigger and bigger job with each passing year, as the whole concept of dressing up for the occasion spreads ever deeper into celebrity culture and culture in general. Only one more photo set to take care of before we close the books on Halloween 2015 and ironically it was the worst showing of all the various costume concepts. I'm not sure why Salma Hayek chose not to wear a costume while attending this particular Halloween costume party. That's usually seen as a faux pas for such events. Something tells me those getting an eyeful of Salma on this night didn't mind that she wasn't costumed. That's because she's way better in something tight like this than the most creative costume anyone might come up with. Makes me wonder why Heidi Klum or any of the usual celebrity Halloween fans put so much time into their costumes every year. Why not just spend the year growing huge tits and a round ass for real and then stuffing said T&A into super tight dresses? That would make anyone the instant hit of the party.

Source: Celebslam


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