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Salma Hayek shows us why the USA should have more love for the Mexicans

10.28.2016by: Droz

I hate to delve into all this political bullshit that's been going on here in the US. This election has been a real shit show which seems to have only succeeded in peeling back the thin-skinned crust of our society, exposing a deep, dark, bile of ugliness bubbling up underneath the surface. Things have been particularly nasty when it comes to people from Mexico. But I'm here to tell you that if you're going to rip on Mexicans, you're gonna have to include folks like Salma Hayek in your collective venom spitting. Is there anyone who wants to bad mouth her and her amazing everything after seeing this little preview of her GQ Mexico spread? She is cut from the same cloth as the people a certain orange person would like to build a wall to keep out of the US. I, for one, could never justify barring another generation of absolute hotness from blessing our shores with her big titty moments like this one:

Or even better, NSFW moments like this one. Girl is an international treasure.

Source: GQ


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