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Salma Hayek shows off her enduring hottness at Cannes

05.16.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's a hotties with huge boobs kind of Monday; the best kind of Monday there is. While Jessica Simpson's mounds may overshadow Salma Hayek's in regards to size, I don't think there's a celebrity babe - young or old - who possess a more respected pair of big 'uns. She showed up to the 69th Cannes Film Festival: Woman in Motion Gala Awards (an award ceremony within an award ceremony, Mr. Cobb) with her famous cleavage in full view -- talk about a women that needs to be scene in motion. Come early September, this icon of estrogen will be 50! - that's right, 50 f**king years old. And yet, she hasn't lost one iota of sex appeal. She is truly a rare bird; a one of a kind; a once in a generation, peerless hottie. That declaration can be vetted simply by looking at this set of images.

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