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Salma Hayek's famous boobs deserve a lifetime achievement award

05.23.2017by: No Cool Handle

Here's the ever-busty Salma Hayek attending The Trophée Chopard event in Cannes – The Trophée Chopard exist to recognize the finest up-and-coming stars of world cinema – surprise, surprise, wearing an outfit that accentuates her world-famous boobs. Some French person needs to craft a brass trophy for honoring the most recognizable pair of tits in the history of world cinema. There isn't a tit fan drawing breath who hasn't imagined what it would be like to "interact" with the vivacious actress. Perhaps Robert Rodriguez's greatest achievement – the one history will remember him for – was introducing the world of mainstream cinema to Salma; Hollywood wouldn't be the same without her. So before these French film buffs give all of the honors to the newbie generation, show some appreciation for a truly talented actress and undeniable sex symbol, whose legendary body of work will be enjoyed for centuries to come.

Source: Got Celeb


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