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Salma Hayek is the master of her magazine domain in Madame Figaro

05.26.2015by: Cherry Liquor
She's finished up with her time at Cannes, when we all got a chance to see just how well Salma Hayek and her massively impressive cleavage have been holding up. She was a big hit with the newsmakers in town for the film festival, talking up her involvement in TALE OF TALES, the collection of 3 stories adapted from 17th century fairy tales - one of which includes her bloodily eating the heart of a beast. Salma's 7-year old daughter Valentina apparently gave her famous mother some good advice for eating that gross organ. "I was really gagging. It was very demanding and the Italians were very stressed, and Garrone does so many takes and there were so many prop hearts. He wanted the heart inside to look exactly like a heart, so it had all kinds of textures. My daughter Valentina was studying it and said, '...All you see is the front, so bite from the front and then pretend to bite from underneath and spit it out.'" Guess you get some smarts when you're the offspring of a billionaire and a legendary actress/producer. 


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