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Salma Hayek is the HOTTIE OF THE MONTH for June 2010!

07.12.2010by: Seth Gecko

Greetings to all my favourite hottie lovers from around the world and best wishes to all of you on this glorious Friday morning (or afternoon/night wherever you are). As most of you may know during the later end of the JOBLO MOVIE SHOW, I was proud to present a series of HOTTIE OF THE MONTH segments which featured sexy and popular actresses who I felt deserved a shout-out for their efforts and gave each of them a sexy tribute as thanks for what they've given us. So far, Zoe Saldana, Angelina Jolie, Olivia Munn and Scarlett Johansson have been given this honour and from now on, I'll be awarding this category to a popular actress EVERY MONTH from this moment forward.

Wow, what a strange month June has been in terms of pretty crappy movies and far too many of them. Other than A-TEAM, I can't really think of anything great that came out but everyone has their own opinion of it. One thing is for certain though, the movies that did release were wall-to-wall full of smokin' actresses but none and I mean absolutely none of them could possibly compare to our latest monthly winner for top hottie. Salma Hayek (who was last seen in "Grown Ups" which released in June) is the pinnacle of human perfection. She is a seductress like no other and every man who has seen or heard her has fallen under her spell. Which is why I'm proud to present my latest tribute video to Salma which you can view and enjoy by clicking the video screencap below with an added bonus of several of her best photo-shoot moments included as well. So check out all of Salma best work below and stay tuned for our July winner at the end of the month.

Click the screencap below to view the tribute video!

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