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Salma Hayek helps Haitians with some super tight dress hotness

01.12.2015by: Droz

Everybody's favorite super hot Latina MILF immortal, the stunning Salma Hayek, was making the rounds with her sexy all over the place this weekend. Sure she was at the Golden Globes, along with most of the rest of the famous hottie world, doing her regular service of offering up those beautiful jugs for our ogling pleasure.

I feel like Salma's appearance at Sean Penn's gala for Haiti relief was her most impressive showing of the weekend. It's always big news when Salma slips into something skin tight and at least partially see thru, mostly for how amazing she looks when she does that. Lately such occasions have taken on an additional noteworthiness for how long she's maintained her ability to do such things. I don't want to get too far into some sort of pseudo ageism thing. It's not unheard of for 48-year-olds to still be bangable. The distinction one must give to Salma is how untouched she looks. I mean, what was the first thing you saw Salma in? Probably DESPERADO, right? That shit happened 20 f*cking years ago. Very few things that were happening as brilliantly as Salma's hotness in 1995, continue to be just as brilliant in 2015. Yet there stands the evidence of the exception, all beautiful curves undulating under lace and whatever else that dress is made of.

How long can this continue? I honestly don't know and I'm not gonna worry about it. I'm just gonna enjoy the ride and live by Salma's hottie credo, which seems to be all about giving the finger to the passage of years. Seems to be working for her.


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