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There's a certain Allure to a topless Salma Hayek

07.14.2015by: Droz

I'm told many of you are highly invested in the concept of Salma Hayek minus any clothing. Well Allure seems to have anticipated your needs there. Sadly Salma is doing as many before her by using her hands as concealment, but you take what you can get. Once again my primary response to pics of Salma is slack jawed wonder at how amazing she looks. I just can't get over how a 48-year-old could be this stunning. You'd think those bigguns she's been carrying around all this time would have begun to sag and wither with the years by this point. Yet look at them. Just as round and ripe-looking as ever. And that face. That's not the face of a near 50-something person. Sure, they've employed the standard Photoshop touches, but even with those, she's still got a near preternatural beauty. It always makes me very happy to see Salma coping with the years so well. She is one of the most beautiful women I've ever had the honor to gaze upon. It would be a far sadder world to live in were that to change.

Source: Allure


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