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Salma Hayek brings her tail of tails to Cannes

05.14.2015by: Droz

The legendary Latin loveliness otherwise known as Salma Hayek premiered her movie TALE OF TALES at Cannes today, switching out her oft seen cleavage show for some just as impressive booty action as she made her way around the joint in a tight dress. The movie is based on stories written by 16th century Neapolitan poet Giambattista Basile and is divided into 3 episodes that tell somewhat interlocking stories. Salma's episode focuses on her character, a queen, who wants a child real bad and apparently has to resort to some extreme shit to make that happen. It doesn't appear to be your run of the mill kind of movie, which has me intrigued. I'm getting real tired of how tired the premises are in movies nowadays. It's always the same shit, different movie. The trailer would seem to suggest that this movie has some seriously unconventional stories and imagery. I'm intrigued, even more so by the fact that folks appear to be getting naked a lot in this, including one sexy-looking redhead. Could that nakedness also include Salma? Can't say, but that would make this a must see for me. Even if she doesn't take it off, at least it isn't a damn Sandler movie.

Check out the NSFW trailer for TALE OF TALES below and see what you think.

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