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Salma Hayek breaks out her big boobs in a black bikini

08.17.2015by: Droz

As the world slowly burns to a crisp in this shitty ass summer heat, everyone has been flocking to the beach to cool off. Hell, even my pudgy ass went riverside this weekend to indulge in a rare tanning experience in what's left of a favorite family swimmin' hole. Of course, it's far more newsworthy when Salma Hayek goes for a dip in cooling waters, because she's obviously far more appealing in something stringy and barely effective at covering her up. Actually, I think this is the exact same bikini Salma wore around Christmas time last year. It doesn't seem to have lost it's ability to barely contain Salma, I'm glad to see. I hear people say that she looks great for an almost 49-year-old mom. I think she looks great for anyone of any age. She's putting to shame bodies far younger than hers. I don't see that changing any time soon.

Source: GotCeleb


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