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Sandra Kubicka is working overtime in a bikini

05.18.2017by: No Cool Handle

Standing around with a world-class pair of tits cupped ever so gently in hand and sticking her half-covered booty out in front of the camera is just another day at the office for professional provocateur Sandra Kubicka. Here she is hot on the heels of her epic Playboy pictorial, this time plying her sexy trade for Moiess swimwear in an assorted collection of barely there bathing suits (in some shots, only half a bathing suit). Despite the fact a few of these images were shot from afar – art be damned, no less than 65% of the frame should be filled with anything other than an incredibly tight bit of talent like Sandra – there's enough flesh laid bare to make these a worthy addition to her ever-growing portfolio. 2017 may be far from over but I wouldn't bet against seeing Sandra end up on more than one of our year end lists – including best ass shot, best bikini moment and possibly ranked a top hottie.

Source: NS4W


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