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Ryan Newman, the little girl from Zoom, has grown up quite nicely

04.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Because I have a need to punish myself, I tend to watch one too many Tim Allen movies. I don't hate myself enough to go through teen programming hell on Nickelodeon these days, which means that the last time I saw the now 18-year old Ryan Newman, she looked like this:

And whoa, does she look different now. Ryan has been kicking around the orange channel for a few years, including a stint on something called "See Dad Run," which I would have watched just to see Charles back in charge again. Then again, Baio became a huge f*cktard with all of his reality show programming, destroying my memories of him chastising Nicole Eggert in between hanging out with Buddy, so I might not have. Newman is also a part of the illustrious league of Sharknado fighters, having joined the series at Oh Hell No!, which led to a lot of underage shenanigans by people who have posted slo-mo clips of her running just to watch her bounce. So when SHARKNADO: THE 4TH AWAKENS debuts this upcoming July, set your DVRs and put that guilt away because she's legal now.

Source: Twist


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