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Russia hijacked Nicole Scherzinger's hotness for some music awards

03.22.2017by: Cherry Liquor
That's... odd. I swear I wrote the body of this post about Nicole Scherzinger presenting at the Bravo International Music Awards in Moscow earlier and then when I came back to it when it was time to turn live, the content had all disappeared. Which one of you is colluding to keep a never-quite-really-was-and-yet-now-is-practically-a-has-been from seeing some nice words be said about her on the interwebs? I mentioned Nicole's former singing group and her tendency in more recent years to book gigs being judgmental of the supposed lack of other people's talent but never really do well what she's criticizing the other people about and it was written so much better than this slapdash shit right here. It's too late for me to have to think on my feet like this. Big boobs in a leather dress... Big boobs in a leather dress...
Source: The Sun


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