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Rusky hottie Tanya Mityushina attends Boo! A Madea Halloween premiere

10.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

I've said it before before: with so many hotties out there, even the most beautiful of prospects can get lost in the shuffle. Take Tanya Mityushina as a prime example; this Russian import is one of the most undervalued, underused sex symbols working – not model, sex symbol. You'll never look at a photo of her and not think of the word 'sex' in big, bold, towering letters. If you're not familiar with any of her past photo spreads for Sports Illustrated SI, get ready for something of a full body system shock that will leave a lasting expression of bug-eyed amazement on your face. If this woman really has aspirations towards bigger things than playing second fiddle to her equally ambitious peers, she should start by avoiding premieres for movies like BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEEN. I get it, any exposure is good exposure but the contemptuous regard in which the character of Madea is held distracts – if only for a moment – from those braless breasts. Two lovely works of art that should in no way be associated with a Tyler Perry movie.

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