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Rumer Willis keeps her booty in contention

04.20.2015by: Droz

From what some of the older members of my family tell me, Bruce and Demi's little girl Rumer Willis is currently the front runner to take home whatever dubious honors await the person who struts their stuff the best on Dances With The Stars. Yeah, that's great and everything, but the real reward to having Rumer remain in the running on there are these parking lot walks from her rehearsals. Moments like these of Rumer taking a little walk out to the Merc her dad most likely bought her with some of that DIE HARD 43 money, have become the stuff of legend over the years thanks to the involvement of a number of fine ass bodies like Rumer's. Her ass in particular is reason enough for me to stay vaguely involved in the leader boards for this show. Not because I give a damn who wins, but for the knowledge that when they get booted off, that's the end of the booty moments. That would be a shame. The show must end eventually, but ends like Rumer's should be kept around as long as possible.

Source: Superior Pics


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