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Roxanne Pallett strips down and shows off her pink...bikini

05.05.2017by: Droz

Roxanne Pallett is one of those many hottie English girls who seems to always have a person with a camera along with them whenever escaping their chilly island nation to warmer points south. It's a silly thing, but you can't criticize their fondness for spreading fake candids of their vacay exploits too vehemently. Not when the results are so good. I find it greedy how exclusive most of Roxanne is to Old Blimey. Same goes for a bunch of other hotties who's hotness rarely spreads past The Emerald Isles. Look at Roxanne's body in that bikini. You'd think someone like this would be front and center in some international ad campaign. If you need sex to sell your product (and what company doesn't nowadays) this is the sort of woman you want to get in touch with. There are a few points I'd like to touch on with Roxanne.

Source: Superior Pics


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