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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley keeps fit, stays active, and has fun in spandex

When I first really heard of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, it was when it was announced that she would be the female lead in the third TRANSFORMERS movie. Immediately I started to Internet-creep on her – she was going to be the new Megan Fox! And those are hard shoes to fill. But as we all know, that movie didn’t exactly launch Rosie’s career into the stratosphere. Since then she’s only been in one other movie, but it was a f*cking great one – MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

Aside from her Victoria’s Secret duties, it seems the only time we get to feast our eyes on Rosie is during candid moments like this, where she’s about to hit the gym and put everyone else to shame with her sculpted and tight body. I hope the MAD MAX success does more to boost her Hollywood profile, so we can get her back up on the big screen before those angel wings start to fall off… And would it have killed the photographer to sneak in behind her for a better shot of that fantastic ass?? I'll take what glimpse we can get but still - it's gold and deserves to be worshipped as such. 

Source: Egotastic


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