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Rose McIver's adorable face speaks for itself

04.28.2016by: Droz

One of my favorite faces from 2015, Rose McIver, was demonstrating her best feature at some AOL Build Speaker event for her show iZombie. Am I weird for kinda preferring her in her zombie makeup? I feel kinda bad about that, but the net effect is the same from either iteration of Rose, namely me becoming instantly smitten. I was a little worried there for a bit that we wouldn't get a season 3 of this show, but fortunately The CW was able to recognize they have a good thing on their hands and have green lit season 3. The basic idea of a coroner eating the brains of crime victims to solve the mysteries of their deaths is morbid and disgusting one. However, Rose manages to make it workable, even charming in a strange way. I suspect infusing charm into events is one of Rose's specialties. She does it effortlessly just by showing up somewheres.

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