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Rose McIver was making everyone think about undoing her buttons

05.20.2016by: Droz

I sometimes feel a little guilty getting all ravenous over Rose McIver here, doing the requisite Upfront events just like practically every other TV actor as of late. She's just so adorable and sweet. I almost don't want to sully her with any vulgar descriptions of my basest thoughts and feelings. Almost. Let's face it, the button down dress with the little flashes of skin and the absent bra is a subtle yet unmissable gesture of seduction here. Plus, if you watched any of Rose while she was on the Showtime series Masters of Sex, you're aware of the good things she's got buttoned away under her dress. Memories of Rose's scenes on that show are where my mind goes to eventually whenever discussion of her is made. Hers are still my favorite nude scenes on that show. Which is saying a lot, as the T&A flows abundantly from that show.

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