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Rose McIver is the cutest & most fashionable zombie in West Hollywood

04.08.2015by: Cherry Liquor
It makes sense to me that Rose McIver played Tinker Bell on "Once Upon a Time." Girl looks like a human pixie, adorable in every sense of the term. However, as I am glancing through her resume of late, I realize that she's in an awful lot of stuff that I haven't watched yet, from playing that vintage nurse on "Masters of Sex" (although you know I looked up her nude scenes from that) to getting called upon by Ryan Hansen in his attempt to get a "Veronica Mars" spin-off going with "Play it Again, Dick," to her current status as a cast member on "iZombie." Frankly, I haven't bothered with the first because I don't pay for Showtime, the second because I didn't realize it existed and the third because I'm burnt out on zombies. I did think she was underused in the tragically horrible screen adaptation of THE LOVELY BONES and I think she looks super cute here at the opening of some fashion store in West Hollywood. Plus, she's an Aussie, so that's winning in and of itself.
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