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Rose McIver continues to put a smiley, happy face on zombie slaughter

01.16.2017by: Droz

If you had asked me a few years back, when the whole zombie thing began in our movies and TV shows, whether or not I'd ever have reason to find myself smitten with a zombie, I'd have said definitely no. When has a zombie ever been anything but a symbol of terror or disgust? But then Rose McIver showed up and put a whole new spin on the idea of zombies by actually making real the concept of the zombie hottie. Now I find myself wondering which iteration of Rose I like more. Is it the cutie here at the Winter TCA panel, looking as sweet as could be? Or is it the pale, undead, occasionally frightening creature on her show, iZombie?

Rose McIver iZombie

It's not a question I anticipated having to address, which leaves me unable to decide. They're both beautiful, one naturally so and one strangely so. I think it's just gonna have to go on being a dilemma.

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