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Rose McGowan raises the cleavage barre at the NY Ballet Gala

10.02.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The thing I like best about Rose McGowan is her literal checkered past. Around the age of 13, Rose admits to running away from home and taking up residence in the gay bars of Oregon. McGowan explained this experience to Vulture, saying, "I was taken in by two lovely drag queens and a stripper named Tina, so, you know, I learned how to paint and do makeup with the best of them. I would dress up as Charlie Chaplin, and I would do checkerboard makeup on my face. I would bring it. I was cool."

Having been trained in ballet as a child, Rose is sill fostering that love of dance by supporting her friend, Harrison Ball, who was performing at the New York City Ballet on Wednesday night. In a silky cream & black suit, Rose put on an equally creamy cleavage show through her sheer top. Here's to hoping this trip was more pleasant for her than her last one at Lincoln Center. "I got beat up by an old man at Lincoln Center — at a German comedy opera, if that’s not an oxymoron. It was from hell...My phone lit up and he punched me in my back, and my head hit the seat in front of me, and then the guy in front of me leaned around and punched me in the leg. It was a strange confluence of events."

Source: Daily MailVulture


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