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Rose Leslie takes off her furs, talks getting vetted by Vin in Interview magazine

10.23.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Earlier this week, many of you declared Rose Leslie to be quite the hottie in her Hot or Not feature. It makes sense that there's a new photoshoot of the "Game of Thrones" actress in Interview magazine, with her movie THE LAST WITCH HUNTER hitting theaters today. In the Q&A with the magazine, she explains how she was flown into Los Angeles to meet with the movie's star, Vin Diesel, at his family home.

"I went to his house and his family was there and there was music playing. It was a very warm reception," she explained. "I'm sure Vin was vetting me when I was out there and you're making sure that you give out a good impression, but it was very laidback. Obviously, there were cogs turning within his mind, but from my perspective, it was just a very nice meet and greet - make sure you don't fall on your face as you walk through the door and come across as a clown."

Rose also disclosed that she relies on her mom with it comes to making decisions on roles. "She loves reading—she's the most literate person I know and hugely bright, so it's a wonderful thing to kind of lean on her."

As for working with Idris Elba on "Luther," Rose divulged that she got all nervous fangirl on him. "You always try to play it off cool, but even if I think I have a certain laidback body language when I'm meeting someone who I greatly admire, I still have this horrible tendency to go bright red. Meeting him and shaking his hand, I turned into a radish. It's the hugest giveaway that I'm trembling inside." 


Source: Hawt Celebs


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