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Rose Bertram stuns once again with her 2017 SI Swimsuit spread

02.15.2017by: Droz

Every year the new batch of SI hotties comes out and they all look great. Usually there is a tier though, with the hotties you most want to see at the top and then various lesser models scaling down in accordance to one's familiarity with their names and what they may have done previously. And then there's Rose Bertram. Not a household name by any means and also not someone you see frequently in the various magazine spreads we post here. Yet despite all the attention the big league SI hotties get, I find myself looking forward to what Rose does about as much as any of the top tier hotties. That's because she does it so well. Just look at her. Is there any part of this woman not seemingly designed for sexual gratification? Girl is walking and talking sex personified. I enjoy the hell out of her, maybe even more than the rest. Too bad SI isn't a little more daring with their cover girls. I'd say Rose has more than paid the necessary dues to head up a swimsuit edition.


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