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Rose Bertram looks nearly as good in a dress as she does in a bikini

02.17.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If you were looking for a successor to Kate Upton when it comes to big breasted bikini goodness in the pages of Sports Illustrated, then you might want to go all-in on Rose Bertram, the Belgian model who graced her second issue of the famous Swimsuit Edition this year looking like this:

With a multicultural background that includes a Belgian father and Portuguese-Senegalese mother, Bertram has a look that's hard to replicate without some serious DNA blending and I totally love it. This 21-year old beauty has a curvy, hyer-feminine body and a face that's so darling I don't know whether to lust after it or want to pinch her cheeks. I so love a model who looks this good without needing to have ten layers of makeup or a dour personality. If they're looking for a cover model for next year, Rose blows everyone else out of the sparkling waters. 

Source: CelebMafia


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